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The USDSCF is conducting the US Nationals for the IDO Continent vs Continent Online Championship.  After we select the Qualifiers, 20 in each category and age division, in each Department (a max. of 180 qualifiers per department), they will then move on to the North American Continental, Semi Final.  Winners from the Semi-Final will then advance to the IDO Continent vs Continent Championship Finals.  

  • All judging, in each round, will be conducted in an online platform.  

  • No matter how many rounds a dancer advances to, they only pay one registration fee at the National level.



Schools, teachers, or any individual dancer can register online at the USDSCF website and submit a family friendly video of a dance performance that was recorded from January 1, 2019 to present.  



  • Performing Arts:  Show Dance – Jazz Dance/Lyric –Tap Dance –Acrobatic Dance – Ballet –Modern/Contemporary – Bollywood –Character – Ethnic – Folk – Belly Dance/Oriental – Show Belly Dance/Oriental Show – Folk Belly Dance/Oriental Show – Flamenco. 

  • Street Dance / Urban:  Break Dance/Breaking – Electric Boogie/Popping – Hip Hop – Disco Dance – Street Dance Show – Disco Show.  

  • Couples Dance:  Argentine Tango – Salsa – Merengue – Bachata – Caribbean Dances – Caribbean Show – Latin Show – Disco Hustle/Disco Fox /Disco-Swing – Synchro Dancing – Latin Style. 



  • Solo:                 (males or female)                     Under 2:30 minutes no minimum set.

  • Duo/Couples:                                                      Under 2:30 minutes no minimum set.

  • Groups:             (3 or more dancers)                 Under 4:00 minutes, minimum 2:00 minutes.



  • 12 & Under       – born 2009 or later

  • 13-16 years old – born 2008, 2007, 2006, and 2005

  • 17 & older        – (professional level, included) – born 2004 and before. 


Solo and Duos: the videos made in years 2019-2020-2021 must be submitted according to the actual age of the dancers in year 2021.

  • Example:  if Mary is an Adult dancer in year 2021 and she decides to upload the video from year 2019 when she was a Junior, it does not change her actual age in year 2021 - the Junior video will be judged in the Adult age division.  It is the same as in an actual competition.  You can dance the same routine from Children to Junior to Adult, if you so desire.


Groups: the year of performance of the video and the age of the group in year 2019-2020-2021 defines the age division in year 2021.

  • Example: if a Junior formation made a video in year 2019 as Junior, then they need to submit the video as a Junior formation in year 2021         regardless if some dancers are now Adults.  As groups have less possibilities to make a current video, the year of the performance will             dictate the age division in year 2021.


Please note, all IDO Rules regarding the Age Division for categories duo/couple/groups with current videos will apply.  Visit the IDO website for a complete list of the age rules.



The video can be recorded at any competition, dance studio, outside, home, etc. and must not be edited.  If possible, a plain background and light from the front is requested.  No names, titles or studio logos, or text is permitted on the video (except for competition backgrounds).  The name of the dancer and choreographer is permitted on the video if it was recorded that way – again no editing of the videos.   The video must be in the “landscape” orientation.


Logos of any IDO national and international official competition/championships are allowed in the background.  Also if the video is made in a dancing school that has its own logo on the walls – no problem.  If there are other options of logo-sponsors, donators, etc.,please, contact us.

In case you are in doubt, please make a screen shoot (do not send the entire video) and send it to IDO Social Media for approval


Concern yourselves with AGE, DISCIPLINE, VIDEO, AGE-APPROPRIATE COSTUME and THEME, and TIME LIMITS.  As this is an OPEN Competition all other IDO Rules need not apply.



  • Solo:     $100.00 per video entry 

  • Duo:     $125.00 per video entry 

  • Group:  $45.00 per dancer, per video, with a cap of $450.00 (over 10 dancers no charge)

USA Dancers will only pay the USA Qualifying Round Entry Fees in this competition.  Fees for additional rounds will be absorbed by the USDSCF.


  • Online Registration                                                       March 22 – May 4, 2021

  • Livestream Qualifying Winners Showcase                May 25, 2021 – 10 am EST


TERMS & CONDITIONS:  please visit our "Terms & Conditions" page.

CONTINENT VS CONTINENT COMPETITIONS:  In each department all disciplines compete against one another.

Three rounds of competition apply to all US Dancers.  


  • ROUND ONE:              USDSCF National QUALIFYING EVENT

  • ROUND TWO:                          European Qualifying Event (does not apply to US dancers)




Adult finalists from the IDO Continent vs Continent Finals will be showcased at the IDO WORLD GALA in December 2021! 



  • IDO DIPLOMAs – issued to all Dancers in Rounds 2 though 4.  

  • SPECIAL AWARDS for Choreography, Technical, “WOW” Factor, Staging, and Entertainment – FINAL ROUND.

  • Cash awards of over $25,000.00 Euro in the FINAL ROUND, in all age divisions and disciplines. 


USA Qualifying Round

General Information

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