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Message from the President

Dear Board Directors, Members, and Colleagues, 


As President of the USDSCF, I am so pleased and grateful to see the growth of the organization continue.  Welcoming new members, and judges to our list of prestigious membership is an honor.  We also are pleased to have had more dancers than ever participate in our qualifying events. 


Attending the World Championships in Mexico and Europe, the USA Dance Teams were successful in bringing home Gold, Silver, and Bronze Medals in Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop, Ballet, Modern, Contemporary, and Acrobatic Dance. Thanks to our great Team Captains and Choreographers, the teams were proud to add many more Gold Medals to our count from our beginning in 1994. We are grateful for them sharing their talent with us. The success we have on the World Championship stage has gained recognition and respect throughout the world.


We look forward to continuing the great work which provides experiences of a lifetime to dancers from all over the United States.  I will continue to make certain, along with our officers and board members, that the USDSCF is prevalent in the decision making at the International Dance Organization (IDO) and that those decisions will be in the best interest of the USA Dance Teams. 

Please know that I will always be available to address any questions you may have, or ideas to insure the continued success and growth of our organization.  

Yours truly,

Gloria Jean Cuming

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Gloria Jean Cuming
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